Food Supplements

Food Supplements are preparations that complete the daily diet and they contribute to health maintenance and well-being. They can be found in tablets,capsules, liquids and powder and they usually contain vitamins, minerals, trace elements, probiotics, phytonutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Food Supplements does not replace a healthy diet.

If you follow a diet pyramid which contains all categories of food in the right proportions and quantities, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, you do not need any supplements. But, because most people usually can not follow a suitable diet which contains all vitamins, minerals and other ingredients mentioned above, a food supplement is needed. Furthermore, the daily stress that most people suffer, can cause oxidative stress to the body after the creation of free radicals.

Generally, food supplements are safe for use for most people if the upper safety levels are not exceeded . However, before using any food supplement is suggested to take the advice of your doctor or your pharmacist. Pharmacies are the main stores that you can buy food supplements and ask for advice, although last years you can find them and in some other health stores.