Herb’s Magnesium 500mg + B6

Herb’s –
Magnesium 500mg + B6

Magnesium is essential for normalizing stress-related symptoms while at the same time promotes the normal production of energy in the body and the proper functioning of the nervous system. It is a cofactor in many enzyme systems especially those related in energy production and protein synthesis. It also helps to eliminate ammonia from the organism, it is important for the regulation of heart rate, muscle contraction and neurotransmission. It prevents muscle cramps, maintains electrolyte balance, while contributing in relieving fatigue and tiredness and reduces the intensity of migraines. Vitamin B6 promotes the formation of red blood cells, it is essential for the nervous system and smooth functioning of the brain. It is useful in cases of water retention, necessary for antibody production and metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Prevents the formation of the toxic substance homocysteine, which has been related in the development of cardiovascular disease. Finally, it helps reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome by maintaining the balance of body fluids and helping the metabolism of essential fatty acids.