Herb’s Iron, Vitamins and Minerals

Herb’s –
Iron, Vitamins and Minerals

It covers the iron deficiencies and other components that help in the production of red blood cells.

60 Tablets

1 tablet daily

Each Tablet Contains                                  ( % NRV*)                        
Vitamin C 120 mg (150% of NRV*)
Vitamin B1 5 mg (454.5% of NRV*)
Vitamin B2 2 mg (142.8% of NRV*)
Vitamin B3 10 mg NE (31.2% of NRV*)
Vitamin B5 10 mg (166.5% of NRV*)
Vitamin B6 5 mg (357% of NRV*)
Vitamin B12 25 μg (1000% of NRV*)
Folic acid 250 μg (125% of NRV*)
Biotin 50 μg (100% of NRV*)
Iron 15 mg (107.1% of NRV*)
Calcium 130 mg (6.5% of NRV*)
Molybdenum 50 pg (100% of NRV*)
Copper 1200 pg (120% of NRV*)
*NRV – Nutrient Reference Value

calcium car¬bonate, L-ascorbic acid, bulking agent: microcrystal¬linecellulose; iron fumarate, bulking agent: maltodextrin,
calcium D-pantothenate,
nicotinamide, anti-caking
agent: fatty acid magnesium salts, pyridoxine hydroc¬hloride, thiamine hydroc¬hloride, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, copper sulp¬hate, glazing agent: hydrox-ypropyl methylcellulose
riboflavin, glazing agent: glycerol, pteroylmono-
glutamic acid, sodium molybdate, D-biotin, glazing agent: carnauba wax, methylcobalamin.